23. October 2021

Brumbies do not belong in the Snowy Mountains but plan is a good compromise


Enough is sufficient. It’s time for everyone to get off their excessive horses in the brumby debate. NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean has released a draft plan to handle Kosciuszko brumbies that gives one thing for everybody, and we should always put in our submissions, tinker round the edges, then let the authorities get on with implementing the factor.

This plan is lengthy overdue. In June 2018, the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act handed in the NSW parliament – the first regulation in Australian historical past defending an launched species in a nationwide park to the detriment of native species. It’s colloquially known as “Barilaro’s brumby bill” as a result of Deputy Premier John Barilaro was its architect. Having pushed it via, Barilaro then left the fiddly work to Kean.

Brumbies graze in the Snowy Mountains near Kiandra.

Brumbies graze in the Snowy Mountains close to Kiandra.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

In my newest e-book The Brumby Wars, I quipped that Kean have to be ready to develop an Afro earlier than the plan was launched. It was a line that just one hairless man may write about one other, but it wasn’t simply a gratuitous baldness joke. It was a touch upon the nearly comical impossibility of manufacturing a plan that pleases everyone. But Kean has come shut. So what’s in it?

The first huge level is that there will probably be fewer brumbies. The present quantity in Kosciuszko, estimated post-Black Summer fires at about 14,000, will probably be diminished over time to three,000. This is 5 occasions the variety of 600 proposed in the 2016 draft plan.

Secondly, the portion of Kosciuszko National Park containing brumbies will probably be diminished. All horses will probably be faraway from 21 per cent of the park. The 47 per cent of the park that is horse-free will probably be stored that manner. That leaves simply 32 per cent of the park for brumbies, in areas the place their presence meets the cultural heritage standards.

Thirdly, the vary of management strategies will probably be elevated. Ground capturing is now again on the desk alongside trapping and mustering.

Feral horses, also known as brumbies or wild horses, seen at Long Plain, NSW.

Feral horses, also referred to as brumbies or wild horses, seen at Long Plain, NSW.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

So total, there will probably be fewer brumbies throughout a smaller space, and it’ll be simpler to do away with them. That’s a win for the setting. But let’s be very clear: this is additionally a big win for brumby supporters.

Three thousand is nonetheless an infinite variety of horses in a panorama exquisitely ill-equipped to help them. When Kosciuszko land managers first recognized the want to regulate the growing brumby herds again in the late Nineties, their numbers had been estimated at 2000. Barilaro has performed the lengthy sport to perfection right here, shifting the goalposts in order that a lot looks like a few.

In a super world, there could be no brumbies in the Australian excessive nation. This panorama is distinctive, stunning and fragile. We consider mountains as these huge, hulking issues impervious to break, but that’s not true. The snowgums are below assault by a native beetle. The huge fires are coming extra typically (a reality which makes a mockery of the brumby advocates’ pseudo-scientific claims that “grazing prevents blazing”). And then there are the imperilled swamps and bogs.

The Snowy Mountains ecosystem is fragile.

The Snowy Mountains ecosystem is fragile.Credit:Alex Ellinghausen

The sphagnum moss of the Australian excessive nation is a miracle of nature. It shops water like a large sponge, releasing it slowly in order that alpine creeks move swift and clear in the driest summer time. Sphagnum bogs are additionally the favoured nesting websites of the critically endangered corroboree frog. Brumbies trample this delicate ecosystem to nugatory mud-heaps. It’s like the Great Barrier Reef’s coral is being devoured by an imported European fish, and everybody’s cheering for the fish.


So why preserve any brumbies? Because, as Barilaro recognised, they’re particular to many individuals. Some merely love the concept of untamed mountain horses. For many it goes deeper. It’s about connection to tales, from Elyne Mitchell’s Silver Brumby books to Banjo Paterson’s poetry. For mountain cattle households, the brumbies are avatars for a life-style misplaced when excessive nation grazing leases had been revoked and nationwide parks got here into being.

We’re kidding ourselves if we predict Kosciuszko is not already a compromised panorama. What about all the magnificent gnarled snow gums cleared for ski runs? Do individuals who drive dusty utes to Currango Plain in the hope of seeing brumbies deserve lower than those that drive modern, black SUVs to ski at Thredbo?

The subtitle to my e-book is “the Battle for the soul of Australia” and also you’d higher consider that’s no slick advertising and marketing line. This has lengthy been a tradition struggle over symbols of pre- and post-colonial Australia. Within motive, each side can have most of what they need now. Matt Kean has made compromise doable. Let’s embrace it.

Anthony Sharwood is an award-winning journalist and the writer of The Brumby Wars.

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