07. August 2022

Exclusive: Planning to undergo surgery to lose weight? Be aware of THESE dangers, it’s not a cakewalk!


It’s the age of social media, and prompt ‘fame’ feeding our self-importance! Looking good has by no means been so fascinating and it’s not simply celebs who’re obsessive about wanting stunning. While being match is at all times essential, social perceptions about magnificence requirements typically drive folks to take drastic measures and shortcuts, which do not at all times give anticipated outcomes and generally, will be damaging.  Recently, Kannada actress Chethana Raj died after creating some issues following her ‘fat-free’ surgery at a non-public hospital in Bengaluru.

Losing weight is one thing that we equate with wanting stunning and more and more, individuals are choosing differing types of surgical procedures to shed these additional kilos. Nidhi Mohan Kamal, nutritionist and yoga coach spoke to Zee News English and shared her insights on weight reduction surgical procedures.

Weight loss surgery: Does it promote a sure physique sort as being fascinating?

Nidhi says that weight reduction surgical procedures do promote a sure physique sort, “but you must understand, that’s the job.”   “Unless it’s for critically obese patients (a small percentage), it’s mostly done keeping aesthetics in mind. It’s like plastic surgeries – it’s about fixing the mind. In most cases, these surgeries are not medically required; but it’s about altering body parts – to look glamourised,” says Nidhi. She provides that people who find themselves clinically overweight require to undergo procedures, however principally, folks go for aesthetics. 

The want for fast outcome

Nidhi says that once you need to lose weight by exercising and following a food regimen, it’s going to take time to present outcomes. “If you want to lose say 3 inches, with diet and exercise, it will take 3-4 months to show results. But here, most people think, it’s like walking into a clinic and leaving within an hour or two, losing that fat,” shares Nidhi. 

Nidhi says not simply girls, even males are choosing these surgical procedures. “People who face the camera on a regular basis are definitely more conscious. Also, clinics get a lot of requests ahead of wedding season. Not just those getting married, but friends and relatives who want to ‘look good’. There’s a social pressure of looking a certain way, and many people give into that pressure.”

The dangers concerned

Nidhi shares, “Like in any surgery, there’s always some risks involved and it’s not about walking in and out of a clinic. It’s advertised as a walk-in, walk-out but that’s not the case. Lots of post-operative care is involved and you have to follow the doctor’s advice strictly.”

Nidhi says that it may be dangerous for anybody, for individuals who have life-style ailments – thyroid, hypertension, diabetes – the chance is “especially not worth taking”. Nidhi says that different magnificence therapies are beneficial like laser remedy and fats freezing.

Whether it’s a surgery or an harm, the youthful you might be, it’s simpler to heal however Nidhi factors out the chance stays subjective. “Of course, like any surgery, the risk is lower in younger people. But like in the case of the Kannada actress Chethana, she was very young (the early 20s). So the risk is subjective and age isn’t a guarantee.”

‘No different to wholesome dwelling’

Even if you’re choosing weight reduction surgery, it’s essential to be aware that there is no different to food regimen and train. Nidhi says, “How many calories you are taking in, how much alcohol you are drinking… all these have to be kept in mind. Whether you get an invasive or non-invasive process, you are targeting a particular fat pocket. But other areas of your body can again store fat. So if your calorie intake-calorie outtake is not balanced, you will invariably gain weight.”

She additional explains, “If you lose weight by diet and exercise, you don’t decide from where you lose weight and if you gain back the weight, then again you don’t decide where the fat goes. Whereas when you lose fat following a surgical process, you can decide from where you will lose weight, but in the absence of a healthy lifestyle, you will gain weight and where the fat comes back, isn’t up to you. So basically, it’s the same after a point. So you can’t stop leading a healthy life.”     

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