14. August 2022

Flu vaccine linked to 40 percent reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease: Study

New York: People who acquired at the very least one influenza vaccine have been 40 per cent much less seemingly than their non-vaccinated friends to develop Alzheimer’s illness over the course of 4 years, in accordance to a brand new examine.

Research from University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston in contrast the risk of Alzheimer’s illness incidence between sufferers with and with out prior flu vaccination in a big nationwide pattern of US adults aged 65 and older.

“We found that flu vaccination in older adults reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease for several years. The strength of this protective effect increased with the number of years that a person received an annual flu vaccine — in other words, the rate of developing Alzheimer’s was lowest among those who consistently received the flu vaccine every year,” mentioned Avram S. Bukhbinder, from the varsity.

“Future research should assess whether flu vaccination is also associated with the rate of symptom progression in patients who already have Alzheimer’s dementia,” Bukhbinder added.

The examine included 935,887 flu-vaccinated sufferers and 935,887 non-vaccinated sufferers.

During four-year follow-up appointments, about 5.1 per cent of flu-vaccinated sufferers have been discovered to have developed Alzheimer’s illness. Meanwhile, 8.5 per cent of unvaccinated sufferers had developed Alzheimer’s illness throughout follow-up.

These outcomes underscore the sturdy protecting impact of the flu vaccine in opposition to Alzheimer’s illness, in accordance to Bukhbinder and his associates. However, the underlying mechanisms behind this course of require additional examine.

“Since there is evidence that several vaccines may protect from Alzheimer’s disease, we are thinking that it isn’t a specific effect of the flu vaccine,” mentioned Paul. E. b Schulz, Professor on the varsity.

“Instead, we believe that the immune system is complex, and some alterations, such as pneumonia, may activate it in a way that makes Alzheimer’s disease worse. But other things that activate the immune system may do so in a different way — one that protects from Alzheimer’s disease. Clearly, we have more to learn about how the immune system worsens or improves outcomes in this disease,” he mentioned.

Past research have discovered a decreased risk of dementia related to prior publicity to numerous maturity vaccinations, together with these for tetanus, polio, and herpes, as well as to the flu vaccine and others.

Additionally, as extra time passes for the reason that introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine and longer follow-up information turns into accessible, Bukhbinder mentioned it is going to be value investigating whether or not an identical affiliation exists between Covid-19 vaccination and the risk of Alzheimer’s illness.

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