21. January 2022

Sprawling Caryapundy Swamp to earn international protection status


The Caryapundy Swamp, a sprawling wetland within the far north-west of NSW that emerges from drought into plentiful life throughout flood occasions is to be listed as an internationally essential wetland below the worldwide 1971 Ramsar Convention.

The Caryapundy Swamp teems with birdlife when in flood.

The Caryapundy Swamp teems with birdlife when in flood. Credit:

The swamp within the Narriearra Caryapundy Swamp National Park, which is 10 occasions the scale of the Royal National Park, was acquired by the state authorities final yr and is being put ahead for Ramsar itemizing by the NSW and federal atmosphere ministers, Matt Kean and Sussan Ley.

Should or not it’s listed below the worldwide treaty, as anticipated, will probably be protected as a wetland of international significance.

The Caryapundy Swamp is to be listed as an internationally important wetland under the global 1971 Ramsar Convention.

The Caryapundy Swamp is to be listed as an internationally essential wetland below the worldwide 1971 Ramsar Convention.Credit:

“Australia was the first country to list a Ramsar site and now, the listing of Caryapundy brings our total number of sites to 67, covering approximately 8.37 million hectares, an area greater than Scotland or Tasmania,” Ms Ley stated. “Caryapundy is the first Ramsar site in the Bulloo Drainage Basin, which plays a critical role for species like the Australasian Shoveler, Grey Teal and Red-necked Avocet which use the site as a drought refuge.”


Public affairs supervisor with Bird Life Australia Sean Dooley stated it was onerous to exaggerate the importance of the itemizing.

He stated tens of hundreds of birds might be discovered within the swamp when it’s inundated by water, which has change into much more important as a lot floodwater throughout the state is harvested or captured in reservoirs for agriculture.

Returning land such because the Caryapundy Swamp to its pure state had been essential to the rebound in numbers of birds just like the blue grey grasswren, he stated.

“The recent declarations of national parks in NSW has been extremely welcome and a real positive for the environment, but if they are not properly funded into the future or resourced properly and the management goes awry, then they’re not much better off than unmanaged private land.

“Having that level of international oversight is, theoretically at least, a guarantee that the values that make the place significant will into the future.”


Mr Kean stated a Ramsar itemizing would see Caryapundy Swamp introduced into a worldwide community of greater than 2400 wetlands, which shield over 254.6 million hectares of essential waterbird habitat worldwide.

“This convention is the global gold standard for wetland conservation and will shine an international spotlight on the area driving economic opportunities, including tourism, for the local community.”

One in six of Australia’s 1300 native fowl species is now recognised as being below some class of risk stated Mr Dooley.

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