19. August 2022

Strawberries may help fight Alzheimer’s: Study


New York: Adding strawberries to your cereal, salad or smoothie can doubtless help shield your mind from Alzheimer’s illness, suggests a examine. The researchers from RUSH University within the US discovered {that a} bioactive compound present in strawberries known as pelargonidin may be related to fewer neurofibrillary tau tangles within the mind.

Tau tangles are one of many hallmarks of Alzheimer’s illness, which is attributable to irregular modifications with tau proteins that accumulate within the mind.

“We suspect the anti-inflammatory properties of pelargonidin may decrease overall neuroinflammation, which may reduce cytokine production,” stated examine writer Julie Schneider, Associate Professor and neuropathologist with the RUSH Alzheimer’s Disease Centre.

Cytokines are proteins produced by cells, they usually can regulate varied inflammatory responses. Inflammation within the mind has been linked to Alzheimer’s pathology reminiscent of plaques and tangles. The knowledge means that pelargonidin may shield the ageing mind from growing Alzheimer’s pathology.

Among berries, strawberries are essentially the most ample supply of pelargonidin.

“While pelargonidin should be examined further for their role in maintaining brain health in older adults, this gives a simple change that anyone can make in their diet,” stated RADC dietary epidemiologist Puja Agarwal, Assistant Professor of inside drugs at RUSH.

The examine was revealed within the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.

The group checked out knowledge of a complete of 575 deceased individuals with full dietary info throughout the follow-up and mind autopsies whose common age of loss of life was 91.3 years.

A complete of 452 folks have been non-carriers of the APOE 4 gene and a complete of 120 individuals with APOE 4, which is the strongest genetic danger issue gene for Alzheimer’s illness.

“We did not observe the same effect in people with the APOE 4 gene that is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but that may be due to the smaller sample size of individuals in this study who had the gene,” stated Agarwal.

“The study was an observational study and does not prove a direct causal relationship. Further research is needed to understand the role of nutrition in Alzheimer’s Disease, but this study gives us hope on how specific dietary components such as berries may help brain health.”

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