15. August 2022

These wet hair mistakes might be damaging your hair

New Delhi: We all take a lot ache to handle our tresses, from utilizing natural, sulphate free shampoos, to getting hair spas each fortnight to doing DIY hair masks to get shiny and flowy hair. But there’s one huge mistake that we all the time look over and dont realise which secretly might be damaging our hair.

Most of the time we come out after washing our hair and begin combing to detangle our hair. If you might be a type of folks then you might be inflicting severe injury to your hair. Our hair follicles are the weakest when they’re wet, combing them at this level is not going to solely break them however result in dry and uninteresting hair.

A number of wet hair mistakes:

Combing wet hair – that is the very first thing we do after dressing up, the hair is just too weak and desires light care. Rather brush your hair earlier than you hit the bathe, when you really feel that your hair will get tangled after wash, apply a serum or gentle hair oil after which brush it with a wide-tooth comb. This will make detangling straightforward. Also, do not watch for your hair to fully dry off after which comb your hair, that makes your hair dry and lose the lustre. Always begin from the ends, and work your approach up. Hold the part of the hair you might be brushing/combing in your hand. Also, bear in mind to make use of a leave-in conditioner.

Vigorously towel drying – your hair follicles are the weakest when they’re wet, they have a tendency to interrupt even on the gentlest stroke, think about how a lot injury we trigger once we vigorously dry them utilizing a towel. Rather merely dab your hair with a towel and attempt to squeeze out extra water don’t tie your wet hair with the towel it will possibly trigger dandruff.

Tying your wet hair – I perceive preserving your hair open in summers can be actually difficult particularly when they’re wet, the urge to tie them up in a ponytail or in a bun is irresistible however your tresses are so weak when wet, your hair tie will be filled with hair while you take away it and can kind a dent in your hair. Avoid doing this at any value, do not even tie them when they’re semi-dry, watch for your hair to be fully dry and you might be then free to model them nevertheless you want to.

Using warmth instruments on wet hair – once we are in a rush, we simply blast the blow dryer to dry our hair shortly however that is the place we’re inflicting injury to our hair. Wait for the water to drip out, put your dryer on medium warmth, after which transfer on to a better degree to model your hair, simply the way in which you prefer it. A easy step like this will go a great distance. Also, the steam you see whereas ironing your hair ought to have main injury written throughout it. Do not do that to your hair, this will burn your tresses and make your hair care journey actually robust at occasions irrevocable. Let your hair be fully dry, apply a warmth protectant after which use any heating instruments.

Sleeping with dripping hair – I cannot stress sufficient the explanation why it’s best to fully keep away from going to mattress with wet hair. This can result in excessive hair injury, offer you a foul chilly, hamper your immune system as sleeping with wet hair can result in micro organism development, offer you extreme pimples and can take you to double the time to model them within the morning. Rather, be sure you wash your hair properly earlier than your bedtime and when you really feel your hair continues to be wet, give them a chilly hair blast. Also, it’s higher to have a silk pillowcase than a cotton one, it’s going to scale back breakage and development of micro organism.

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