22. October 2021

Why deciphering ‘dog’ is much easier than baby talk



Dear Mum and Dad,

It’s your canine Clancy right here, writing from my residence within the metropolis. I’m a bit irritated because of a brand new examine from researchers in Hungary. They say that canine, particularly gifted ones, have a vocabulary equal to that of a one-year-old human.

They say that dogs, especially gifted ones, have a vocabulary equal to that of a one-year-old human.

They say that canine, particularly gifted ones, have a vocabulary equal to that of a one-year-old human.Credit:Shelley Eves

What rot! I do know a one-year-old human and all he can say is “mum, mum, mum.”

Actually, he’s 9 months outdated, however that’s almost one. And all he can say is one phrase. One! And, even then, I’m wondering if the “mmm, mmm, mmm” sound is simply the results of teething.

Either manner, he’s considerably in need of saying, “Dearest mother, I wonder if you can see your way clear to providing me with some meaningful sustenance.”


I, in the meantime, have an enormous vocabulary. Only this morning I used to be feeling a bit discombobulated. I used to be awaiting my kibble, solely to understand Man had inadequately stuffed the inside track. There was a centimetre of spare capability. I felt like saying: “I say, old chap, the tide’s out.”

Instead, I flashed him a baleful look. Over time, I’ve found that Man responds higher to visible cues, somewhat than advanced metaphors. He relented and offered the lacking victuals, in order that’s one as much as outdated Clancy.

While I’m compelled to navigate this advanced territory of canine/human communication, my nine-month-old human buddy simply cruises alongside.

Maybe that proves how good he is. That child has set himself up with a candy deal. He will get every little thing he desires, and with out as soon as having to bark at an intruder, glower at a recalcitrant wheely bin, or run for a ball.

Sometimes I’m wondering what he even does, different than look cute, and wriggle his tiny fingers in my fur.

If a cloud momentarily passes his forehead, all of them soar up as if electrocuted. One squark and it’s just like the sinking of the Titanic. “Quick!“, they seem to be saying, running around, waving their arms. “Launch the lifeboats!”

Meanwhile – and right here’s the purpose a few canine’s vocabulary – I need to grasp not solely human phrases, but in addition their hidden which means. The “subtext”, to make use of the literary time period.

An instance: through the morning stroll we deal with the large hill on the way in which residence, and there’s at all times some extent that Man says to Lady, “I think we should slow down. Clancy is looking a bit tired.”

This is a cue for me to faux to smell a lamp publish in order that Man can get his breath again.

Or it is perhaps: “I think Clancy needs a drink”, which is my cue to take my time, slurping the water as slowly as attainable, so Man can test the web in case something has occurred within the 5 minutes since he final checked the ruddy factor.

Or it is perhaps: “Clancy needs to go to bed”, which implies “I need to go to bed.”

There are different issues with the Hungarian examine. Why, for instance, is vocabulary the only real measure of 1’s abilities?

I is perhaps up the opposite finish of the home, snoozing away, when Man says to Lady, “Would you like a pre-dinner nibble of cheese and biscuits?”

I instantly hear the phrase cheese. Cheese is the intercontinental ballistic missile of the English language. There’s one thing about the way in which it’s constructed that makes it in a position to cross massive distances.

Perhaps it’s the plosive sound of the “Ch”, with which the phrase is launched on its journey, adopted by the reverberating hum of the double “ee’s”, powering it alongside its flightpath, all ending with the scorching sibilance of the “z”, representing the direct hit on its final goal, my earhole.


But right here’s the factor, even with out my language abilities, I’d already be thundering up the hallway. My paws would detect the vibrations of Man’s ft, strolling on the kitchen flooring in the direction of the fridge. My superior canine nostril would establish the odor of the biscuits being positioned in readiness on the place.

And then there’s my superior canine listening to, my ears rotating like tiny radar receivers, catching the opening of the fridge door, the sound of packets being moved as Man tries to find the cheese, after which – oh wonderful sound, like angels in heaven – the clicking of the cheese container being opened.

I’m there, thrice there, sitting at Man’s ft, paws tidily earlier than me, chin raised, eyes moist with hope – and all this a millisecond after he’d first shaped the mere considered consuming cheese.

The extra I give it some thought, in relation to cheese, possibly I’m additionally psychic.

I like my nine-month-old human buddy, I actually do. I’ve solely just lately received to know him, however already I proudly stand guard, poised at his facet, my muzzle dealing with out to the world, as if to say, “no-one is messing with this bundle of joy, not on my watch”.

OK, his vocab isn’t much, and neither are his ball abilities. But give him time. One day, he’ll make the grade. One day, folks will say, “you know what, that kid is smart. Almost as smart as a kelpie.”

Anyway, that’s my information. Until subsequent time,

Love Clancy.

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